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BentoSpring – Welcome INBOUND2020!

Whether you’re looking to turn your hobby into your side hustle or quit the soul-crushing job that leaves you miserably awaiting the next vacation, before you dive into starting a business or creating some extra revenue, we have to find out what people actually want. So, where do you start? Instead of spending tons of money building out a product or offering that you don’t will actually get customers, we hedge our bets, test quickly, fail fast, and gear up for a wild adventure that will become one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

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BentoSpring is a marketing validation service that helps creates bite-sized tests in Social Advertising. Running these ads with a small budget gives us real buyer intent, not just surveying random people to see if they say they’re going to buy. In a BentoSpring engagement, we’ll help you:

  • Strategize about the best areas to test
  • Target key personas, and set up audiences
  • Select the best ad channels for testing
  • Design & write multiple ads to test assumptions
  • Design & develop pages to lead users if needed
  • Measure every step of the way


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