The Creative Capital’s New Website: City of Providence Case Study

By James Kwon

The Challenge:

Municipalities are responsible for the smooth operation of daily life as we know it, from animal control to ethics, fires to parks, the planetarium to public works. The list of departments is endless. Enter Providence, RI, the newfound creative capital of the country, in dire need of an updated website that could answer questions, give directions, and shoulder the weight of effective communications for the entire city

The Solution:

Figmints held a variety of discovery meetings with countless project staff to reach a consensus around the new website’s capabilities, brand alignment, and design. Using our very own proprietary WordPress theme, Figpress, we built and launched an ADA compliant, mobile-responsive, and simplified (not to mention beautified) website for the city of Providence.

The Result:

Providence’s new web presence provides effortless, “user-friendly” service with fresh internal and external department access. Providence has upwards of 50 departments, that’s right, 50, which all have unique editorial needs which their new and improved website can now accommodate with ease.


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