Dropbox Has A New Logo – 2015

By James Kwon

Dropbox has revealed a new logo at the end of their Creative Freedom commercial. We couldn’t find any news about the update, so we thought we would share it with the world.

The new logo keeps the same flat glyph (the box icon) but changes the logotype. The new Dropbox logotype is set in a much more squat san serif, resembling Motiva Sans, but personalized slightly for their brand. These personalizations are similar to the subtle shifts made to the previous typeface Franklin Gothic.

The clever tagline, “All Yours,” tells the real story of Dropbox’s benefit to the world – allowing you to keep all your things in one place and yet share them with your collaborators. Perhaps that’s why the company chose a slightly more expanded logotype to pair their mark. A stretch, I know – you see what I did there?

The only awkward part of the new logo is the contrast in size with the tagline itself. At the end of the beautiful commercial, the tagline hangs too tall to match the cap-height of the logo’s x-height, and too small to be equal.


The new Dropbox logo can be seen at the end of their “Dropbox: creative freedom” video posted on Youtube on October 13, 2015. The video is 60 seconds long.


Dropbox’s branding guidelines page also has yet to have any update, and is missing other critical steps on the rebranding checklist. The logo would be the fourth redesign of the Dropbox logo. The original logo was designed in 2007 by co-founder and CEO Drew Houston. The logo was redesigned in 2008, 2012, and 2013. The last time they updated their logo they posted about a short history of the logo on their company blog.


If you have the inside scoop or thoughts on the new logo drop them in the comments below!

Shout out to our designer Jesse Hoyos for noticing this and mentioning it at native creative (an internal design share meeting) yesterday!