Holliston Sand gets Fresh Identity Overhaul

By James Kwon

When you think of sand, you think of sandboxes and dams. Guys with hardhats and shovels mixing dirt. “How much effort and work can possibly go into the stuff?” As it turns out, a lot. Sand is a part of the things we interact with every day. Every municipality in the country uses sand to filter drinking water for their district. Geothermal heating and cooling companies use sand to help as a temperature-preserving element. Pharmacies use silica sand as filler for 80% of all pills that are sold in market. Sand is a big deal.

There are three major sand-suppliers in the nation, and dozens of others that serve local markets. Holliston is one of the biggest providers of sand and gravel products in New England, but their name doesn’t seem to reach very far. If you’ve gone to Fenway Park, or Gillette Stadium, or one of the hundreds of golf courses in New England, chances are, you’ve come in contact with the stuff, and not known it. Holliston has a great story to tell, and needs a better way to tell it.

After kicking out their old marketing agency that was, “showing very little return for the price they were demanding,” Figmints stepped in with a complete makeover. A branding identity overhaul that peered through the core of who Holliston was and what they delivered – a crucial element in the things you use every day. We came to the table with a new logo, tagline, full suite of marketing collateral, website, SEO strategy, video production and on-going marketing services like email blasts, mailers and industry periodicals, that have increased awareness and rescued their searchability from page 12 of Google to #1 on page 1 when you search the phrase “purchase sand.”