Learning Through Doing: A Figtern Story

By Figtern

It’s a shame that internships have such a bad rep among some of my peers. Coming from a school that’s known for its business program, I always thought internships were simply a means to an end – a necessary evil in order to boost your chances of a post-graduation career. I am so happy to say that now, at the end of my digital marketing internship at Figmints, my perception was completely wrong.

My Figmints internship (Figternship, if you’ll humor me) was full of discovery. I earned legitimate experience by being tasked with paid social media and search engine advertising campaigns, blogging and creating content for startup companies, and learning how to properly function in an office. The team at Figmints trusted me to do my absolute best work. I never felt the need to be babied and I was never looked down on as inferior or incapable because I was still in college.

While much was expected from me at Figmints, they gave me so much in return for my efforts. I was challenged to become inbound certified by the time I started. Getting this knowledge from HubSpot Academy allowed me to come into the company and understand why they were doing what they did. Soon enough, I had certifications in both Google AdWords and the HubSpot Certification for the platform itself.

Whenever I spoke with potential employers, they were not only impressed with these credentials but for some reason surprised that Figmints would allow me to earn these certifications on company time. However, I knew it was because this aligned with Figmints as a company – they want the absolute best for everyone they interact with, and this all stems from the culture created by our CEO James.

My time at Figmints was not spent writing and marketing without purpose. I was taught that marketing is no longer a sequence of pouring money into an idea and seeing if it works. Marketing is now a purposeful and measurable way to promote your company, its name, and its offers. Thus, this internship was enriching in the sense that I got to work with Google Analytics, content creation, video production, social media, and more. It was an all-encompassing experience that allowed me to see the big picture of what marketing in today’s world and economy is.

All of this would have sufficed, but Figmints surpassed any expectations I had about office life with its culture. The people here are simply amazing, and I sincerely hope that I work with others with the same mentality and work ethic as the people here at Figmints. Here, I am treated as a person. My schedule is considered, my time is valued, and my contributions matter. It’s also a really fun place to be – everyone here loves what they do and that is evident in the work they produce.

Figmints has taught me so much about the world of marketing, data analysis, and myself. Most important, it has instilled in me this very important message, which also serves as Figmints’ mission statement:

“Make new things.
And make things new.
For the joy of wow.”

Thanks for everything, Figmints!