Native Creative! Weekly Design Share Keeps Figs Minds Sharp.

By James

Figs Join Together For Weekly Native Creative Mind Share

Marissa Epstein – Art Director  

As a designer, it can be hard to stay inspired. That is, between 9 and 5, after meetings, on top of delivering for clients. When we had trouble finding a little ‘us’ time to visit dribble and the other great curation sites, we decided to come together as a fig family to get our juices flowing. Not in a weird way. 

In the days of old, someone would find an amazing link to a cat website with parallax effects, and message it to another coworker. They’d talk about it, absorb, and then maybe share again. This chain was leaving some out, and still taking a lot of time out of the day. 

Our solution? Beyond simple. 

1. Keep a running list of anything worth sharing in a shared google document.

2. Come end of day Friday, gather around the projector, relax, and share.

It’s a great way to end the week, and we have an archive to reference when that beautiful app website is on the tip of our tongue. Discovering aesthetic or UX elements we’d like to incorporate has become an unexpected result of creative meetings, which has grown into bigger discussions about our fig-future. And so it doesn’t get too heavy, beer is encouraged. 

But there is a step 3. We’ll be sharing highlights of this process with you, on our humble blog, under a less-humble “Native Creative” tag. BYOB.