Optum Health

By James Kwon

United Healthcare is the world’s largest provider of healthcare services in the nation. A sub-division of UHC, Optum Health, manages healthy living programs and administrative work for companies that choose to underwrite their own medical coverage for their employees. Through the OptIn program, companies house an in-building area where employees can take advantage of healthy living tips, tools and events.

PROBLEM: Running the OptIn room can be expensive, and there was no interactive counterpart for the entire program. Posters and clipboards were the only way that employees accessed information on upcoming events, groups and seminars.

In conjunction with Medullan Inc. of Cambridge, MA, Figmints scoped a new way to introduce employees to the healthy living social media platform that was desperately needed. The metaphor of posters was used again through interactive poster windows that conveniently came across the users’ screen. These “posters” had the ability to showcase videos, display quick survey questions as well as simply inform for upcoming events. The bright and exciting user interface gave a refreshed presence that Optum had in their own company, moreover the entire application can be skinned just by changing a main color and background image for any of their subsidiary clients for licensing purposes.