Top 10 Super Bowl LVII Ads That Stole the Show

By Edna Flores

Super Bowl LVII may be over, but viewers are still talking about the commercials. According to USA Today’s annual Ad Meter feature, the best Super Bowl commercials of 2023 were a mix of celebrity spokespeople and emotional gut-punches.

The top ten Super Bowl commercials of 2023, as voted by USA Today readers, are:

1. The Farmer’s Dog

2. NFL

3. Amazon

4. Dunkin’

5. PopCorners

6. Bud Light

7. T-Mobile

8. He Gets Us

9. Disney

10. Workaday

The number one spot went to The Farmer’s Dog, a subscription dog food service. Their ad shows a woman going through life’s milestones with her dog, tugging at viewers’ heartstrings.

The second-place commercial was from the NFL, which featured flag football star Diana Flores and a gang of notable figures like Erin Andrews, Cam Heyward, Aidan Hutchinson, Sauce Gardner, and Jalen Ramsey trying to grab her flags.


Amazon’s emotional ad, which starred a dog named Sawyer whose family is too distracted by all of their gadgets to realize how badly he needs a friend, took the third spot.

For its first-ever Super Bowl commercial, Dunkin’ enlisted its No. 1 fan: Ben Affleck. The Cambridge native worked the drive-thru window at a Dunkin’ in Medford, with wife Jennifer Lopez surprising the actor before asking for a glazed doughnut. The Dunkin’ ad took the fourth spot.

PopCorners’ Super Bowl commercial featured Breaking Bad stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston sitting in the distinctive RV they used on the show to cook up something much more illegal and addictive than any popcorn-based snack. The ad took fifth place.


Bud Light, T-Mobile, He Gets Us, Disney, and Workaday rounded out the top ten.

It’s interesting to note that dogs were a big draw for viewers this year, with two canine-focused ads finishing in the top three. Meanwhile, celebrities continued to be a popular choice for brands looking to make a splash during the Big Game.

Which Super Bowl commercial was your favorite this year?