Want To Streamline Your Internal Process? Get HipChat

By James Kwon

Company culture.

The phrase has become more of a threat in the recent past than a source of motivation to improve your agency’s internal process.

What exactly is good company culture? How can you create it, regardless of industry?

At Figmints, we believe that building a positive company culture starts with great communication.

To keep our internal communication transparent, we love using HipChat, a free chat tool that lets our team communicate in chat rooms, share our screens, and even transfer files between one another. HipChat is an integral part of our process in everything from web design and web development to branding and video.

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Think inside jokes like GIFs are a waste of time? Think again.

Creating a one-of-a-kind culture at your company can achieve the most important factor in employee engagement—connection. This connection, more importantly, can extend beyond work hours as your employees spread your brand in their local communities.

Silly jokes fostered in chat rooms or any form of open information sharing between employees can really help your company, both internally and externally.

Here’s one GIF that appeared in our group Figmints chat room over the past few weeks:

Prompts a smile, doesn’t it?

Let’s try again. Here’s another stunner:

Remind you of Friday afternoons at all?

Granted, there are also specific contexts that make these individual GIFs even funnier!

With recent changes in HipChat, it’s now free for an unlimited number of users–meaning you can add your entire team.

HipChat has tons of great features that allow for integration with many popular services including Github, Heroku, Bitbucket, and many more.

Our favorite feature in HipChat at Figmints is the emoticon functionality.

Remember the days of AOL instant messaging? Love the emojis on your phone? HipChat combines the best of both emoticon libraries by providing basic emoticons you know and love and special, pop-culture related emoticons.

HipChat now boasts over 150 emoticons in its emoticon library! Also, HipChat lets you upload 50 of your own emoticons to your library. Interested in some of our favorites? Download our 70 favorite.

HipChat can do much more than improve communication on your team–which, let’s be honest, is already a huge benefit!

Overall, by improving your internal company culture, HipChat assists in promoting your specific, personalized company branding as your happy employees quickly emerge as eager brand ambassadors.

Be sure to check out HipChat and our HipChat emoticons to let us know what you think. Already using HipChat? Tell us more about your experience! Has HipChat also improved your company culture?