Why Pawtucket is the Video Production Hub of New England

By Tim Donovan

When you think of Pawtucket, you might think of Slater Mill and the significance this city had in the Industrial Revolution. You think of the Pawtucket Red Sox, or maybe the old Apex building. You’re reminded of this city’s history by its strong landmarks. What you don’t think about is what you can’t see on the surface.

One of those things that is not immediately apparent about “the bucket” is all of the unique companies producing great content for amazing brands. To say Pawtucket is the video production hub of Southern New England is an understatement.

Listed below are just a handful of the companies located here that are killing it in the video production industry:

(A quick disclaimer: Each of the companies listed are those that I know of off the top of my head. I also narrowed the list to companies who have functioning websites. I’m sure there are some other great companies I’m not aware of that deserve a shout out.)


Hasbro, the most recognized multinational toy and game company in the world, is headquartered right here in Pawtucket. The building is also home to Cake Mix Studios, Hasbro’s commercial sound stage.

Cake Mix produces over 100 television commercials and programs every year.


IndieWhip is not just another production company, but rather an agency. They partner with other agencies to create brand-centric visual experiences for some amazing brands. Their work speaks for itself, and is worth checking out.


They’re Using Tools, founded by RISD alum Mel Rainsberger, is another great video agency that produces some really unique animations and motion graphics for a variety of clients. They are certainly one of the more interesting agencies in the Pawtucket area.


I can’t help but be a bit partial towards Figmints… But from an insider’s perspective, I can tell you that Figmints is an agency that does whatever it takes to craft and tell a brand’s creative story effectively.

We’ve been blessed to partner with some of the most amazing brands to tell their stories through the best form of content – video.

Check out how we made Holliston Sand look huge.

These are just several of the video production companies that are making an impact both locally and nationally. I can’t tell you why each company decided to call Pawtucket, Rhode Island home, but I can tell you that we’re all here for the same reason, and that is to create great content one video at a time.