Part-time Administrative Assistant

We are looking for a go-getter that is interested in getting their foot in the door. We are looking for part-time assistance with some basic administrative tasks, with (lots of) room to grow as you show off and sharpen your skills. You should be prepared to consistently tackle the mundane and also be excited about the prospect of taking on left-field tasks that come your way. You will excel at this position if you are helpful and curious. You have the ability to make a major impact — as big of one as you are willing to make.



This job will consist of a multitude of tasks ranging from ordering office supplies, office upkeep, organizing, and so on. You should possess most or all of the following:

  • Excellent written communication
  • Willingness to ‘MacGyver it’ (independently problem-solve)
  • Reliability, especially when relating to recurring daily, weekly, and monthly tasks
  • Ability to work independently and remain self-motivated
  • Flexibility surrounding the types of tasks performed
  • A positive, team-oriented attitude
  • Sharp attention to detail
  • 5-10 hours a week with flexibility

Please send your resume with a brief note about why this position would be ideal for you.

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Apply by submitting your resume along with your cover letter and references.

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