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Before we begin, do you want a cup of coffee? Don’t worry, we’ll wait while you’re gone. Ready? Great, let’s put that caffeine buzz to good use.

Where did you go to get your coffee? Dunkin’? Starbucks? Tim Hortons? A local cafe? A diner? Did you pop open a fresh new bag of New Harvest coffee and execute a pour-over? Or maybe you went with the french press?

Regardless of which route you chose to reach your cup of joe, brands were the road signs you followed to navigate there. Even if you went to a small, dingy diner and bought your coffee for $1.39, the experience you had, the perception you formed, and the satisfaction you gleaned (or lack thereof) are all aspects of that business’ brand.

Your brand communicates your values, offering, promise, experience, and culture to your prospective customers in neat and tidy package.

A brand isn’t a logo, or product packaging, or an advertisement. It’s not your company culture, or how your impacting the world, or your unique story. A brand is all of those things combined.

Branding persuades customers to pay a premium for your product or service, helps them navigate the marketplace towards a made selection, and broadcasts the good news of your business to your audience far and wide.

As Alina Wheeler, author of Designing Brand Identity, memorably said, “good brands build companies. Ineffective brands undermine success.”

Rebranding your company can boost your reputation, further motivate employees, and attract new customers. While undertaking a rebrand for your company can seem intimidating, it also provides the opportunity to reflect on your growth and progress to date. It will mean changing the outward facing identity of who you are and even the way you describe what you do.

Unsure of how or where to start? Not to fear. As a branding agency that has crafted hundreds of brands from scratch, we have mastered our holistic approach to building a brand around your BIG and bold why.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are a few of our recent rebranding projects.


What we do:




Ideation & Sketching


Identity Analysis




Color palette


Brand digitization


Proof of Concept


Brand Delivery

Baby Delight

Client Background

Baby Delight sprouted out of a small niche in the juvenile product market at the turn of the 21st century. Farah Morton, a dedicated “mompreneur”, realized that the bassinet that she was using prevented the closeness she desired with her newborn daughter. Eventually, the Snuggle Nest was born! The Snuggle Nest, a protective co-sleeping bed, was an immediate success, since there were no other options for co-sleeping parents on the market other than bedside bassinets.

Since then, Baby Delight has created a variety of products in addition to the Snuggle Nest. There was a mentality of “by moms, for moms”. But, the business had outgrown this framework and the client needed a fresh brand.


The renewed brand identity took its form from the ideas contained within a simple feather in the logo. On its soft surface level, a feather connotes softness, safety, and comfort. The logo and meaning behind it serve as a guiding principle behind everything Baby Delight does. Baby Delight remains on the lookout for passionate parents in need of an established platform in order to bring their ideas into the world.

This product incubation is central to Baby Delight’s philosophy because no greater wellspring of insight into the immediate needs of parents exists outside of the direct experiences of parents themselves.

Baby Delight Logo Color Options

Baby Delight logo POC

Interested in learning more about this project?You can read our full case study here.

City of Fall River

Client Background  & Challenge

For those unfamiliar with Fall River, it is a Massachusetts city that’s home to nearly 90000 people. Although a sleepy city on the surface, Fall River was a bustling hub of the east coast textile industry throughout the 1800’s. At one point in its history, the city’s spindle count surpassed its population, earning it the nickname “Spindle City”. For all of its charm, Fall River’s bad rap earned it a spot on a ‘50 Worst Cities to Live’ list from a popular media outlet, which marred its reputation and perception of the city.


We set out to discover the true essence of Fall River, starting with hundreds of interviews with residents, business owners, business leaders, and other figures in the community. Through these interviews we learned more about the city than we could have ever hoped for – the good, bad, and the weird.

One of the overarching trends was a desire to be successful in Fall River. We knew that the essence of Fall River came down to one phrase: “Make It Here”.

It means something uniquely personal for each and every resident of the city. Make a family here. Make your life here. Make an innovative new product here. Make your art here. The applications are endless.The stories of people ‘making it’ fed into the larger story of the city as a whole.

Interested in learning more about this project? You can read our full case study here.

Riva Precision Manufacturing

Client Background  & Challenge

Riva Precision Manufacturing, a full-service provider of designer-driven manufacturing solutions for the jewelry industry. Riva provides full-service, state-of-the-art design and manufacturing services, including product design, diamond setting, plating, enameling, chain manufacturing, tube making and polishing.

Since its inception, Riva was built on the concept of servant leadership. They have found themselves at the forefront of jewelry manufacturing by serving and supporting growth in both their customers and employees. They needed something to show the world that their manufacturing capabilities, company culture and core values.


Riva’s new logo incorporates dependability and elegance, using the metaphor of a stag. Aligned with the values and guiding principles of Riva Precision Manufacturing, a stag gleans wisdom with the passing of time; it’s growing antlers represent the authenticity, mastery and empowerment of experience. Tying the aesthetic back to jewelry manufacturing, a diamond is formed from the negative space created between the ten point antlers.

Interested in learning more about this project? You can read our full case study here.

Our Branding Process

Brand Strategy & Discovery

We’ll kick things off with a questionnaire and a few interviews to better understand your company, your target audience, inspiration, your goals, and your competition. During this time we will examine your competitors and analyze what is working (and not working) for them. Most importantly, we’ll review how your current brand and offering stacks up against everyone else.

Here are some of the activities that take place in the strategy and discovery phase. We’ll narrow down the overall feel for your brand in a series of activities that include:

  • Meet with you for a strategy consultation where we talk about project goals and your vision for the future. Each project is different and defining the goals will help us make decisions along the way.
  • Research competitors (yes, you have them). We will look at what is working best for them and how we can separate your brand from the herd.
  • Map the inspiration for your brand on mood boards. Explore design elements for logo, colors, and tone. We will work with you to decide on a look and feel that matches your customer’s expectations.
  • Define your distinctive look and feel by finding your brand’s core themes and positioning approach. This will help when we architect your site in the next phase.

Ideation & Sketch Process

This is where things start to get real (fun) – it is one of our favorite parts of the process because our ideas quickly start to come to fruition. We take the themes we identified during the discovery phase and materialize them into sketch concepts. We leave no stone unturned in our sketch sessions, where members from across our agency convene to tell your story visually. You’ll be included each step of the way as we explore different directions for your custom logo and branding. Expect us to do these kinds of activities:

  • Sketch and bounce ideas off one another to leverage an entire studio’s worth of creative energy
  • Brainstorm taglines to communicate your message
  • Create a system of typefaces to spell out your story
  • Develop color palettes
  • Pull all of the themes from the consultation session forward, paying close attention to the messages and brand position that will set you apart from the crowd

Brand Digitization

Get excited. The next step in the process is when your brand (which is by the way, destined to be the next big thing) enters the digital marketing age. While we digitize your brand, expect to see these things happening:

  • Create pixel-perfect logos
  • Narrow previous explorations of type and color
  • Build out final logo options ripe for their big debut
  • Format design collateral and a proof of concept (be sure to request this option to continue to expand your new identity)

Brand Delivery

After adding content to make the site your own, the big day arrives!

  • Set up, secure, and performance tune the production server (encrypted with SSL).
  • Before we launch we test site speed and code integrity. This means minimizing requests, automatically compressing images, and ensuring everything is running smoothly.
  • Migrate site from staging to production server. This is the actual act of “pushing” your website live.
  • We will train your entire team on how to manage and update the website. This training session can also be recorded so you can watch it again or train new members of your organization.
  • Set off fireworks in our parking lot to celebrate your new amazing site.

Our process is built to help take a complex branding project and distill it to a standardized roadmap. Our goal is to keep things as simple as possible for you, the client. It is our goal to be sure that everything is communicated clearly as we go through the branding process – your input & insight into your business is important in creating a brand that is true to its roots.


Why Rhode Island?

Based in Rhode Island we came for the food and stayed for the people. The creative capital has some of the best arts in the northeast. The location is perfect to serve clients from New York to Boston – but with a more affordable real estate marketing, you will get Madison Avenue quality for a fraction of the price. Rhode Island also boasts some of the most talented digital creators. It’s a hotspot for designers, developers, copywriters, and marketers. We’re proud to call Little Rhody home.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time for your organization to step up and reinvent yourselves, and we’re here to help. Your brand is the guiding principle behind everything your company does, even down to the tiniest details.

Get in touch with us so we can guide you in the right direction and start working on your shiny, new brand.

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