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Steve Jobs once said:

“A small company can look as large as a big company and be as accessible as a big company on the Web.”

Great design isn’t just about making a website visitors will like. There are so many needs to consider online, and we will help you with them all. Visitors need to easily get from point A to point B, and businesses need to convert them into leads. The site needs to shine from a desktop computer to a tiny phone, and everything in between. Figmints creates compelling websites your users can fall in love with, that meet their needs and keep them coming back for more.



And it’s our preferred lifestyle. You need a complete, custom solution for an effective website. Complimenting great web design with seamless web development is the key to success.

Technology moves fast. Great web developers understand the fundamentals of programming, and can apply a concept to any language in their tool belt. We work with multiple CMS platforms, languages, and frameworks – all to hear one word: “wow”. Efficiency is something that’s hard to come by in the time-intensive process of building a top notch website. Luckily, we’ve perfected our custom web development process.

In an ever-evolving landscape, Figmints utilizes the latest production techniques to deliver quality products. We’re confident that we can address all development processes through this framework.




We’ll kick things off with a questionnaire and a few interviews to better understand your company, your target audience, your functionality requirements and, most importantly, your competition.

  • Meet with you to for a strategy consultation where we talk about project goals and visions for the future
  • Research competitors (yes, you have them)
  • Map the inspiration for your website on mood boards
  • Define your distinctive look and feel by finding your brand’s core themes and positioning approach



This is where things get real and is our favorite part of the process. Ideas from our discovery phase are transferred into the foundation of your new website and we make your brand story come to life, with appropriate aesthetics and styling. The Figmints team will consider structure and usability as we:.

  • Map out the navigation and page organization in a sitemap
  • Elevate the site’s user experience, from a high level and with granularity
  • Define functionality and content using custom page layouts for browser, mobile, and tablet view
  • Style tiles to explore visual options and mood
  • Polished, custom designs for specific modules or complete responsive layouts for tailored mobile experiences



From front end visual implementation, to the logic of back end development, or even the meticulous testing of browsers and devices, you can learn all about our development process. Form is only as good as its function. In this phase, we comprehensively code and test your website.

  • Skin the front-end designs
  • Develop back-end features and set up API integrations
  • Set up the Content Management System (CMS)
  • Test low level features such as database communications, links, forms
  • Ensure site is responsive with all browser types, tablets, and mobile devices



After adding content to make the site your own, the big day arrives!

  • Address any issues from testing
  • Set up, secure, and performance tune the production server (add SSL if necessary)
  • Migrate site from staging to production server
  • Set off fireworks in our parking lot to celebrate your new amazing site


We seek a partnership with our clients (rather than the typical designer-client relationship) and strongly believe that your business is something that we can proudly be a part of. Our hope is to garner an on-going relationship through this project to be a go-to creative strategy partner for the development of creative materials as well as interactive experiences.


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