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A Brand Ready to Take on the Future


Formerly known as Clean Economy Development, Copacity was seeking a name and brand that aligned with their real function as renewable energy consultants.


We gave Copacity a new name, an updated logo and branding, and created the company’s first website.


The rebrand set up Copacity as a true player in the energy industry while the updated website gave them the look and feel of a much bigger company.

Showing Their True Colors

Clean Economy Development were looking for a new name and branding that truly aligned with their business as renewable energy consultants excited to take on the future.

Enter Figmints.

What We Did

After an in-depth naming process, Copacity was chosen as a name that rang true to the industry they were working in. An energetic and vibrant new logo was created to reflect the renewable energy industry. A series of ten colorful lines curve to form the shape of a C. The segments of the lines were chosen as a nod to Copacity’s ‘10 steps to energy savings’—an idea that is now outlined on their new website where the logo gets increasingly more colorful as the user clicks through each of the ten steps.

Services Included: Naming, Branding, Website design

We created Copacity’s first website, giving them an instant presence in the digital world. A simple one-page website was created. The new site was sectioned neatly into blocks of information, short enough to capture the reader’s attention, but long enough to deliver an impact. This simple, but effective, design was more than enough to make a splash.

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