High Impact Mailer


A Fun Solution to Getting a Foot in the Door


LogicBay was struggling to connect with their new target audience of heavy manufacturing companies.


We designed a high impact direct mail campaign that would target the pain points their manufacturing companies were feeling.


The campaign allowed LogicBay to get their foot in the door and generated new meetings for sales reps.

A Pain-Point That Requires Understanding

LogicBay was looking to grow their business by targeting decision-makers in charge of dealer performance at heavy manufacturing companies. The problem? In order to make a meaningful connection with these people, they needed to understand these manufacturers’ pain points.

Enter Figmints.

What We Did

Figmints discovered that the relationships between manufacturers and their dealers involved a lot of conflict and tension. By understanding this pain point we could position LogicBay as a company that understood the struggles of the manufacturing companies they were trying to work with.

Figmints created an outbound marketing campaign centered around the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots game, which we sent as a high impact mailer. The tongue-in-cheek campaign used a combination of humor and empathy to appeal to the manufacturer’s experience of friction with their channel partners. The mailer was followed up with a phone call and email campaign with the ultimate goal of setting up a meeting with a LogicBay Sales rep.

Services Included: High Impact Mailer

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