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Rockmill Concrete

A Need to Escape the 9-5; A Desire to Capture a New Vision


Two mechanical engineers who left their 9-5 to create RockMill Concrete soon found their website wasn’t bringing leads in through the door.


We developed a video that told the founders’ story and engaged their audience from the moment they visited the website.


By creating a compelling video, RockMill’s customers truly understand the company’s vision for creating modern-day concrete pieces.

Video that Sets Them Apart

RockMill Concrete wanted a way to keep potential customers on their website.

Enter Figmints.

What We Did

We developed an overview video that conveys the artistic, modern way they work with this old fashioned material. The final video is fun and energetic with upbeat music, camera movement, fast cuts, and drone shots.

With a video that focused on telling their story well, it was now time to move onto marketing. We focused on SEM—lowering their cost per lead, enabling the ability to track and measure where customers were coming from and retaining the interest of every potential customer that was finding the RockMill site.

Services Included: Video, Marketing Automation, Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Capturing a New Vision

The final video is fun and energetic with a cinematic ambiance to match its founder’s zest for their creations.

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