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Siren Marine

Digital Marketing Built Around ROI


Siren Marine was interested in developing a digital marketing strategy but lacked the tools to launch and measure any results easily.


We seamlessly integrated their eCommerce platform with a new CRM and developed a content strategy for multiple channels.


Siren Marine can now launch and track ROI on its digital marketing campaigns and has more visibility over all segments of its site.

An Integrated Digital Approach

After a successful branding project with Figmints, Siren Marine gained credibility and more exposure in the market, resulting in more marketing needs. For the next step, Figmints advised Siren Marine on the benefits of digital marketing. To achieve success, they needed a way to analyze their B2B segments, launch campaigns, and measure results.

Enter Figmints.

What We Did

Because of the successful rebrand of its logo and packaging design by Figmints (making them look more professional and reputable), Siren Marine achieved its goal of partnering with West Marine and got stocked on their shelves nationally. It was on the strength of this relationship that Figmints advised Siren Marine to turn their focus to digital marketing and capitalize on this partnership and momentum. Before any campaigns could be launched, Siren needed a CRM that would give them visibility over their website, products, and campaigns. We integrated Shopify and HubSpot to align their eCommerce and B2B segments. By creating landing pages aimed at the business market we increased visibility for B2B segments on their website. With the newly integrated CRM, Siren Marine could now launch campaigns across multiple channels and analyze the ROI on their digital marketing efforts. Within six months, Siren Marine could see positive measurable results from this new, measured approach to digital marketing. 

Services Included: Journey Line, branding, digital marketing (social ads, search ads), social media marketing, email marketing, marketing automation integration, content development, web development



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