A Brand Identity that Treads Oh So Softly: Baby Delight Case Study

By James Kwon

The Challenge:

Baby Delight’s brand hadn’t been updated since first opening its doors with the debut of their flagship product, the Snuggle Nest. Riding the popularity of their unique co-sleeper, Baby Delight’s initial brand took on a “by moms, for moms” mentality.

The company has since outgrown its original business blueprint that stretched back to its infancy, calling for a reinvigorated brand that the budding juvenile product manufacturer could build upon.

The Solution:

 Every effective brand achieves its potency by focusing on three essential elements: ease of navigation, novelty of engagement, and deep-seated reassurance.

We set out in pursuit of these three branding ideals by drilling to the core of the Baby Delight promise. After we discovered Baby Delight’s secret formula, we formatted a new framework to disseminate an array of messaging that would effectively set them apart from the throng of competition in refreshing ways.

Where Baby Delight Began

Baby Delight sprouted out of a small niche in the juvenile product market at the turn of the 21st century.

Farah Morton, a dedicated “mompreneur”, realized that the bassinet that she was using prevented the closeness she desired with her newborn daughter. Knowing the dangers associated with co-sleeping, she started experimenting with ways to create a safer area on her own bed that would protect her newborn and allow the closeness she wanted for those first precious months.

With her second baby, she refined her ideas into a simple, innovative product design, and the Snuggle Nest was born! The Snuggle Nest, a protective co-sleeping bed, was an immediate success at that time, since there was no other options for co-sleeping parents on the market, other than bedside bassinets.

Fast forward to today where Baby Delight continues to carry forward Farah’s initial spark of inspiration, designing products that bring parents closer to their beloved babies. Baby Delight remains on the lookout for passionate mompreneurs in need of an established platform in order to bring their ideas into the world.

This product incubation is central to Baby Delight’s philosophy because no greater wellspring of insight into the immediate needs of parents exists outside of the direct experiences of parents themselves.

A Brand Identity that Treads Oh So Softly

The renewed brand identity took its form from the ideas contained within a simple feather. On its soft surface level, a feather connotes softness, safety, and comfort. But, as we descended deeper into the feather’s symbolic significance, we realized it contained strong parallels to the joyous and unpredictable experience of parenthood.

The driving inspiration behind the brand began to evolve. We started to incorporate ideas like balance, equanimity, broadened perspective, new possibilities, and aid in trying times. The feather feels natural and organic, which are the two stances Baby Delight implores parents to adopt. Parenthood has its share of trials and tribulations, but, ultimately, it’s the way of the world, and what could be more natural than that?

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