Creating A Brand Using Video

By Tim Donovan

When I look back at some of our recent projects, I can’t help but to smile. I think about the incredible work we produced for our amazing clients.

By using video, we’ve been able to illuminate the creative stories of growing & established companies alike. We love building out creative brand stories using video–after all, it’s the most engaging form of content! I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite projects. Enjoy!


As a Providence based startup, Andera pioneered online account opening for banks and credit unions.

In 2013, Andera approached Figmints with a unique challenge: they were in the process of overhauling their online account opening software, and they needed something more engaging and interactive than text descriptions on their website.

Originally, we just proposed recording live demonstrations. We took a step further, however, and presented them with a complete series of animated videos to walk through the entire process.

These videos proved so successful that Andera also asked us to create an additional video for the series in early 2014. In mid 2014 Andera got acquired by Bottomline Technologies for a sweet $48 million–not bad for a local startup!

Full animated demo:

Most recent addition to the video series:


Broker’s Service Marketing Group (BSMG) is at the forefront of the broker general agency world. They initially partnered with us to create a series of highly-visual overview videos for each of their four main offerings. During our initial meeting we recommended a major website overhaul, and a rebrand of their term life insurance software Vive (Formerly tioTERM).

RDU overview video:

Vive overview video:


Madecult is a subscription based eCommerce site that offers its customers exclusive fashion products by top designers. The best part is that everything they sell is ethically sourced and made in the USA!

By create a brand using video, we were able to generate increased interest in the company.


As student loan debt rises to shocking heights in the United States, a college education seems like an impossible endeavor for many. RISLA is a non-profit that serves as an invaluable tool for those looking to get their degree.

RISLA is a three-pronged resource that combines college planning, loan applications, and internship programs into one comprehensive game plan. When we started working with RISLA, the three resources under the RISLA umbrella weren’t linked together very well. In fact, they existed entirely separate from one another. Most importantly, having a disjointed brand lessened the possibility of the three services working together.

RISLA had previously launched TV and radio advertising campaigns that didn’t garner the reaction they expected.

To make a bigger splash, Figmints worked with the RISLA team to develop an advertising campaign that consisted of six radio and six TV spots that delivered genuine, heartfelt testimony, while tying all three of RISLA’s resources into one comprehensive strategy for prospective students.

Through an impactful visual design, a strong call to action, and a cohesive tagline for all three entities, RISLA has continued to be very satisfied with the results of this campaign.

TV spot for Bridge.Jobs:

TV spot for the College Planning Center:

TV spot for RISLA:


West Bay Christian Academy (WBCA) is a local, private Christian school in Rhode Island that prides itself in being distinctively Christian and academically excellent.

West Bay approached us to use video to generated more interest and, of course, more applications from parents considering sending their child to a private school.

In order to most effectively create a brand for WBCA using video, we proposed a testimonial-based overview video. We included the stories of real alumni and parents, telling their first-hand experiences of how WBCA helped shape their faith, knowledge, and overall conduct.

This video has been successfully generating buzz since it’s launch early this year!

These are just a few of the incredible projects we’ve completed in the recent past to help our clients showcase their brand using video. You can view more of the work in our portfolio on our Vimeo page.

If you would like more information on our video production and motion graphics services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to buy you a coffee sometime and discuss how we can tell your story through video!