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Figmints has created compelling video content for many prominent Rhode Island companies for over ten years. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, our video agency offers comprehensive HD video production services for small companies that need well branded video content, small to medium sized businesses looking for TV spots or company explainer videos on the web, and complete campaign ideation & execution for Fortune 500s.

Today viewing videos online is easier than ever and has given rise to the popularity of inbound video marketing. Video clearly communicates to a viewer the value of your product, service, or organization while acting as your 24/7 spokesperson. We love working with clients to growth hack their companies through stunning video-storytelling techniques.

What we do:


Online videos


TV commercials


Corporate videos


Customer testimonials


Event video


Aerial drone videography


Promotional conference videos


Company training videos

Overview videos

An overview video is one of the first videos that most companies create. It can be shown to multiple audiences and placed in high traffic areas like your website or social media profiles. Overview videos can be customized for your audience mixing in interviews, testimonials, event video, or a scripted story. Here are a few of our favorite overview videos.

Rock Mill

Did you know concrete is cool? Neither did we. Our video for RockMill reinvents what consumers think of concrete. It helps quickly establish authenticity and character. At the end of the quick video you already know who they are, what they do, and why you want to call them.


Digital Banking 3.0

We worked with Bottomline Technologies to create an overview video for their new “Digital Banking 3.0” product. This multi-day shoot consists of custom motion graphics, interviews, testimonials, and interesting b-roll. It tells a complex story in a simple and easy to understand way.


Fall River – Make it Here

We worked with Fall River to rebrand and create a new website. They also wanted a short overview video to launch their “Make It Here” campaign. The campaign looked to re-introduce the city to the greater Massachusetts and Rhode Island area.



Commercials pose a unique challenge. In a very short amount of time you need to captivate a passive audience to look back from their bowl of popcorn to the TV. We love shooting commercials because they are a great marketing tool. As a digital creative marketing agency we approach commercials from both a marketing and video perspective. Here are a few of our favorite videos that we concepted, shot, and edited.

Custom Built

After completing their rebrand and new website Custom Built worked with us to create a series of thirty second commercials. Based in Rhode Island we wanted to showcase local homes and promote their message of “Crafted in RI”.


We worked with the Rhode Island Student Loan Authority (RISLA) to create a series of videos for their campaign to help more students finish college. You can view one of their television spots below.

Video About Figmints

Get to know Figmints better by watching some of our own internal videos. This will give you an idea of our production capabilities while learning more about the team. Video is a powerful way to tell your story. This is our story.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are animated elements of a video. This could be a fully animated video or animated text. Animation in video combines our skills as videographers and digital designers. Our entire team comes together to storyboard and create motion graphic videos. Animation is a great way to visually convey information that is confusing or difficult to convey through live action. We can work with your budget to develop a video that includes motion graphics. The videos speak for themselves. Here are a few videos that feature animation.

Logo Animation

An animated logo helps to build brand awareness and adds a touch of professionalism to your videos. We love animating logos. Looking at your logo design and creating a kinetic representation is half art and half science. But video speaks better than words. Here is our most recent logo reel:

Our Video Process


We’ll narrow down the story you’re trying to tell, help you articulate your message through visuals, and begin brainstorming the campaign execution.

  • Research competitors (yes, you have them!)
  • Map the inspiration for your story on our comprehensive Mood Board
  • Brainstorm marketing delivery options for your video

Pre Production

Pre production is when the rubber hits the road. We will take the concepts from our research and discussions and start developing your video. Pre-production includes everything up to the date of the shoot.

  • Concept & execute a creative pitch with multiple directions
  • Storyboard video visuals and flow
  • Draft and review scripts with your team
  • Cast actors if needed
  • Create a shot list and plan the logistics of the video shoot

Video Shoot

You can sit back, relax, and observe as our production team goes to town as we transform the concept of your story into a visual reality. We have traveled across the United States and right here in Rhode Island to get all the shots you need.

  • Transport, setup & breakdown the on-location set
  • Direct the talent, crew, and b-roll shots
  • Capture the highest-quality video, and audio content
  • Backup and store your precious footage on multiple storage devices

Post Production

Prepare to be amazed as our editors & animators bring your story to life with help of advanced technology and software. In post production we will first create a rough cut of the video for your review. Then we will make edits to the rough cut and polish for delivery.

  • Edit your video content into an engaging story
  • Provide a rough cut for review and feedback
  • Record professional voice over audio
  • Animate branding elements & create motion graphics
  • Color-grade the footage and mix the sound
  • Encode your video for playback


We’ll hand over the goods and give you a complete video package to spur new business with your incredible story. Videos can be delivered through TV, web, dvd, or social media. A video is worthless unless you have viewers. We will help optimize and promote your video campaign.

  • Release of TV commercials
  • Add the video to your website and include the correct schema to help Google understand and rank your page
  • Video files optimized for any and every output format
  • Analyze video performance using viewer based video analytics
  • Collect leads online using a turnstile in your video
  • Add video events to your Google Analytics



A chef would be nothing without his kitchen. The same goes for videographers. We’ve got the professional equipment needed to create beautiful 4k videos. All the equipment below is included in our shoots for no additional cost. Here is what we are currently using.

2x Sony A7SII Camera Packages – We use not one but two Sony A7SII cameras. These full-frame cameras are great for video and can shoot up to 4k resolution. Their powerful specs and small size allows us to quickly maneuver and still retain control over the shot.

Sennheiser Audio Package – Sennheiser is a German audio company that is world renowned for their high fidelity equipment. Our audio package of wired and wireless microphones ensures that your video looks and sounds great.

Litepanels Lighting Package – We have two LED variable color temperature light panels. These lights have a small footprint making it easy to set up in a small office or other indoor space. Their variable temperature and dimming functions allow us to save time and avoid re-lamping or swapping out filters.

DJI Phantom Aerial Video Package – Arial video used to require renting a helicopter and  cost thousands of dollars. Today we can achieve high definition aerial video with our DJI Phantom. The Phantom allows us to capture breathtaking video from above with a camera mounted on a advanced three axis gimbal.

FAA Part 107 Certification – To use aerial video shot from a drone for commercial purposes you need FAA certification. We’ve got it. Our lead pilot Tim Donovan has a Remote Pilot Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration.

2x Apple iMac 27″ with 5K Displays – We have two 27 inch Apple iMac computers for editing your footage. These are connected with 5k displays. This ensures that we can see the true color and resolution of the image.

Adobe Creative Cloud – Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Prelude, Premiere Pro, Audition, Media Encoder

Rental Equipment – We rent equipment on an as-needed basis. If you need more equipment for a shoot, we can affordable rent additional equipment. For almost all shoots additional equipment is not needed.


Why Figmints?

Based in Providence Rhode Island, our agency offers comprehensive HD video production services to help your company reach more customers. We offer professional production services for corporate videos, customer testimonials, event video, online video, promotional conference videos, and company training videos.

Since its founding in 1999 Figmints has created compelling films for many prominent local companies. Today viewing videos online is easier than ever and has given rise to the popularity of video marketing. Video clearly communicates to a viewer the advantages of your product or service. Video can act as a 24 hour salesperson. Video also receives more engagement on social platforms like Facebook Youtube.

We love working with clients to tell stories through stunning HD films. For our entire portfolio of video productions check out the official Figmints Vimeo channel.

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