The Intersection

On March 16, 2018, our CEO and who would become our current President of Figmints sat down for a conversation that would change the trajectory of both their companies. While they knew each other, they had no thoughts whatsoever about merging. And then God began to move. 

Meet James

James Kwon started Figmints during his college years–as he had gotten a reputation for his strategic thinking and graphic design skills. Little did he know that his talents would be the foundation for a leading creative agency in New England. James, an early adopter of all things technology and a leading change agent, built his agency by always looking for innovative ways to improve marketing. He was on the forefront of digital marketing and became one of the first firms in New England to jump all in with Hubspot. In 2014, James joined C12, a christian CEO group, which would become known as the intersection where Figmints’ future began. As the company was growing year over year, he found himself looking for a business partner to help make some of his visions a reality, but was never able to find what felt like the perfect fit…

Meet April

April Williams started North Star Marketing in 1997, with a focus on helping those in the service business learn how to market themselves. With a traditional marketing approach that drove revenue, April became known for two successful products over the years: WOWorks, a high impact direct mail campaign, and SalesAmp, a marketing process focused on building the pipelines for individual sales people. In 2009, April joined C12, a Christian CEO group, and little did she know this is where the most impactful intersection of her career was born. As North Star grew, she started to understand the company’s huge gap in their offerings was in digital marketing and development…

Fast forward to 2018

Watch the video below to hear how the story unfolds.

Two of RI’s leading marketing agencies join forces. This is not a unique headline, but how it happened is far from ordinary.