Get Smart On Logo Design: Figmints Feature in Logo Lounge

By James Kwon

Figmints is excited to announce that we were featured in Logo Lounge! The recently published eighth volume compiles the latest logo trends from the world’s leading designers. Once a year, Logo Lounge curates thousands of logos from across the globe. Of the thirty thousand logos submitted last year, three of Figmints’ designs were selected to appear in the 2014 volume! Take a look below, and let us know what you think of our logo designs.

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One design in Logo Lounge is our very own Figmints logo. We created a second, refined iteration of our logo as part of a quick branding refresh and update.

We cleaned up the mint lines of our old logo to reflect something you could get lost in (keep staring, I dare you). The newly updated color palette, with the rich fig purple, offers a more modern feel and made for some real eye candy. The end result is a new, refined look.


As a new collaboration and sales tracking app, LiveHive needed something bold to stand out in an otherwise crowded market. To accompany the new excitment surounding the new brand, bright colors were a must.

Exemplifying LiveHive’s core ideals of organization, sharing and tracking with their logo design was essential. Ribbons interweaving through one another create an image to represent the intertwined network of information and productivity the app provides.


Lastly, our logo for Holliston was also recently featured in Logo Lounge. We call it “The Pan” since particles of sand and gravel come into perfect alignment to represent the Holliston “H”.

Set in a circle, the shape creates the dual visual of a sifting pan. The solid black color for the logo keeps the design simple and the hallmark Holliston “H” as the main focus. To view the rest of Holliston’s rebranding, click below.


Congratulations to the other designers also selected to appear in Logo Lounge’s most recent volume! With submissions from over one hundred countries, it’s increible to flip through such extensive creative talent.

Interested in learning more about this year’s latest logo trends? To get your copy of the eighth volume of Logo Lounge, check out the Logo Lounge site or buy it on Amazon.