Gtech Printing’s New Website a Winner

By James Kwon

There are only a handful of companies in the world that produce and manage gaming for government-sanctioned lotteries. In 2008, GTECH Corporation, based in Providence, Rhode Island, branched out into the printed gaming industry – scratch tickets. They invested over $45 million to create the most advanced instant gaming facility in the world and needed a way to represent their story and hundreds of tickets with art and descriptions from around the world.

Though GTECH is a major privately held corporation, GTECH Printing is a new product/offering in their portfolio and is treated in many ways like a startup. This means that it’s difficult to keep expensive agencies on retainer for a relatively bootstrapped budget. However, the need for a stunning web presence with a fair amount of back-end functionality was present and unmet.

Figmints worked very closely with the marketing executives in the GTECH Printing division to attack all of the necessary elements of GtechPrinting.com – a stunning way to portray their nationally-recognized licenses like Aerosmith, World Series of Poker and Billboard Music, a walk-through of GPC’s innovative approach, as well as a game directory that houses [now] thousands of games – but is simple and intuitive enough for a marketing manager with no technical savvy to add games to the system on the fly. Today GPC is a powerhouse in the instant gaming industry and is printing more than 3 Billion tickets per year.