Intern Feature: Video & Digital Marketing

By Tim Donovan

This past summer I had the opportunity to intern with Figmints Digital Creative Marketing. Not only was the internship cool, but it doesn’t hurt that their name resembles a delicious, fig-flavored candy.

Figmints specializes in inbound and digital marketing. They create websites, logos, marketing campaigns, and videos. But they don’t just build things. If you’re a client, they actually sit down with you and collaborate to portray your story in the best way possible.

I’m currently entering my senior year at Bryant University as an Entrepreneurship and Marketing major minoring in Communications. I love the whole concept of multi-media marketing, especially since the ‘marketing game’ has shifted dramatically compared to twenty years ago. I started my internship at the end of May, and have now headed back to school. The amount that I learned in those three months was incredible. 

My job was to assist with the inbound marketing strategy for clients. I also worked on video production, such as editing commercials and ambient videos. Figmints uses communication programs in their office that help the team stay on track, look at progress on projects, and analyze the results of their marketing campaigns. I learned different types of ways to brainstorm ideas for campaigns, what a “good” website design consists of, and helped start-up companies increase their online awareness.

One day I had the opportunity to film a commercial. I thought going into it that I would just help set-up the shoot and help break it down. But when I got there, they wanted me to film the commercial too! It was great when they handed me the cameras and said “Go for it.” Having an internship where you are actually making an impact on the client project with hands-on experience (rather than just doing “busy work”) is definitely a chance you can’t pass up.

Even though I learned a TON of stuff during my internship, I think the best part was the culture. The team consisted of the twenty friendliest people I’ve ever met. From day one they made me feel like part of their family. Every morning within the first ten minutes, someone was cracking a joke and making everyone laugh. I personally think humor is an important trait to have in the people you work with.

If you can have an internship where you learn something you’re passionate about and have a hands-on experience while having fun with the people you’re working with, then the internship is a winner. And that is exactly how I would describe my summer internship at Figmints.