A Razor Sharp Website for a Precision Jewelry Manufacturer: Riva Case Study

By James Kwon

Riva Precision Manufacturing, a full-service provider of designer-driven manufacturing solutions for the jewelry industry. It’s new brand represents Riva’s expertise in manufacturing luxury jewelry for retailers and design houses.

From its origins as a one-man shop nearly thirty years ago to its 37,500-square foot, vertically-integrated facility in Brooklyn, Riva has become one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of fine jewelry. Riva provides full-service, state-of-the-art design and manufacturing services, including product design, diamond setting, plating, enameling, chain manufacturing, tube making and polishing.

“Since our inception, Riva was built on the concept of servant leadership. We have found ourselves at the forefront of jewelry manufacturing by serving and supporting growth in both our customers and our employees,” said Ted Doudak, Founder and CEO of Riva. “Our new brand represents our expertise in applying precision engineering to the elegance of the jewelry we manufacture, as well as our steadfast commitment to producing jewelry in the USA.”

Riva’s new logo incorporates dependability and elegance, using the metaphor of a stag. Aligned with the values and guiding principles of Riva Precision Manufacturing, a stag gleans wisdom with the passing of time; it’s growing antlers represent the authenticity, mastery and empowerment of experience. Tying the aesthetic back to jewelry manufacturing, a diamond is formed from the negative space created between the ten point antlers. The logo reinforces the dependability and master craftsmanship that are the stronghold of the Riva manufacturing brand.

Riva’s new website, has been revamped with a modern parallax design, providing an easy to navigate overview of the company’s PD and manufacturing capabilities, company culture and core values.

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