What Is Your Creative Agency’s Most Productive Day of the Work Week?

By James Kwon

I have confession to make. I’m a bit of an analytics nerd.

As an experiment, and a chance for me to plot numbers on a graph, I crunched the numbers (okay, yes, it was entirely voluntarily) to figure out our most productive day of the week as a creative agency.

From a billable hours perspective, it appears that Tuesdays were the most productive days at Figmints last quarter (Q2 2015). Following Tuesday in productivity were Thursdays, Wednesdays (usually remote days at our agency), Mondays, and, finally, (hold the gasp..) Fridays.


Mondays are full of meetings and organizing your week (there’s a reason why this song exists). Tuesdays are generally lots of productive billable work. Wednesdays are remote for some of us, but usually full of production. Thursdays are back on production and meetings with clients to wrap up the week.

Overall, Fridays are usually the slowest — especially since everyone’s brains are mush by the end of the week. As a result, Fridays are usually a mix of client meetings, along with fun things that increase our awesome culture (ie. Lunch n Learns, Foosball matches, and more!).

I know what you’re thinking right about now: who cares what day has more billable time tracked, right? Well, it matters. A lot. As our internal Project Manager, it’s crucial to have eyes on where the team is spending its time. It’s essential that each of our projects get the necessary attention it deserves, so we can produce amazing results for every single one of our clients.

How can knowing more about your team’s producitivty improve your agency? You can optimize scheduled tasks, based off data, to improve quality and productivity. Find out what days are the most productive, from a billable work perspective, but, more importanlty, what days are not productive. Some are more obvious than others!

I challenge you to figure out what your most productive billable days are. To begin, start tracking the necessary data to find out where your team is spending its time. At Figmints, we love using Harvest. Feel free to reach out to me directly at @figmints on Twitter to talk more about team productivity or just to say hello!