Hosting a website can feel like trying to swim through shark infested waters. The goal isn’t just to keep swimming; you have to watch out for the sharks too. When you host your own website you can’t just worry about keeping your site up, you have to worry about security and malicious users too. We take these things seriously so that you can sleep at night without worrying whether or not your defenses will make it through the night.

When you host your site with us you get enterprise level service via our hosting provider, WPEngine. Their team works around the clock to make sure that your site is up and secure. You’ll be kept in the loop for the whole process too. When important updates need to be applied you’ll get notifications showing you what’s being done to keep your site working.


Lean Mean Website Machine


Attackers don’t care about your brand or your customers. We do. When you host with us you get the peace of mind that comes with best-in-class security.

  • 24/7 security scans
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Automated backups
  • Automated upgrades



A fast website means a better experience for your visitors. If your website isn’t fast it’s not great.

  • Super fast caching to make sure your pages are as fast as they can be
  • A CDN that makes sure your content takes the shortest path to your visitors
  • Load balancing that makes sure your site stays fast even when it’s getting tons of visitors



What happens when your audience grows? Can your site handle the load? We make sure it can.

  • Caches that allow your site to perform well even when you’re traffic doubles or triples in size
  • Load balancers that evenly distribute your traffic so that everyone has a good experience
  • Enough bandwidth to deliver over 700 hours of HD video*

*Assuming 720p at 3070kbps with audio at 128kbps



Having your website go down unexpectedly can really damage your ability to communicate with your audience. We do all we can to make sure your site is up and available.

  • Load balancing that distributes your traffic so that a growing audience doesn’t become a curse
  • Automated backups so your website can easily be recovered if something goes wrong
  • 24/7 phone support so you can speak to a real person when you need one


Hosting Pricing

All Standard and Above Levels Include:

  • CDN & SSL included
  • Fully Managed Onboarding
  • Dedicated Environment
  • WordPress Plug-in Vetting & Support
  • High Availability/Redundancy
  • Free Page Performance Analytics
  • Free Staging Server Environment
  • Powerful Enhancement Tools Available
  • 24/7 Customer Support

We also provide basic hosting for $49/mo. Which does not include onboarding, plugin vetting, migration, analytics, and local support (24hr support still available).



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