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For over a decade, Figmints has supported nonprofits. Now, we’ve launched Good & Growing, a branding nonprofit agency designed to boost your organization’s visibility and impact.

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Guesswork-based marketing is outdated. Marketers once relied on ads, email lists, and cold calls, hoping for good results. The rise of metrics like clicks, likes, impressions, and pageviews only added complexity.

Inbound marketing has transformed the landscape, especially for nonprofits. As a branding nonprofit agency, we use advanced tools to track every step of a supporter’s journey in real time, from initial interest to final commitment. This shift lets us replace guesswork with precise insights, tailoring our messages and outreach.

Want to learn how this can benefit your organization? Explore our branding services for nonprofits and see how we can enhance your mission with these tools.

What we do:


Brand Audit and Analysis


Brand Positioning and Messaging


Logo Design and Brand Identity


Brand Guidelines Development


Integrated Marketing Campaigns


Brand Training Workshops


Brand Storytelling


Rebranding Services

Brand Audit and Analysis

A thorough Brand Audit and Analysis is essential for understanding your nonprofit’s market position. It helps nonprofits stand out and align their strategies with their audience’s values, providing insights to reshape branding efforts.

Our services include:

  • Branding Audit
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Strategic Messaging
  • Audience Engagement
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Impact Storytelling

We ensure your nonprofit stands out, becoming a preferred choice, driving steady growth, and fostering deeper connections.

Brand Positioning and Messaging

Got a question? You’ll probably ask Google for an answer.

What if people could find your nonprofit while searching for answers online? With a clear and compelling brand message, they’ll connect with your services and remember your impact. But how do you appear in their search results?

Here’s how we can boost your nonprofit’s visibility:

  • Define Your Brand: We’ll carve out your unique space in the market.
  • Refine Your Message: We’ll make your words resonate with your audience.
  • Ensure Consistency: We’ll align your branding across all platforms for a unified look.

Let’s make sure your nonprofit not only appears in searches but stands out, builds lasting connections, and drives your mission forward.

Logo Design and Brand Identity

A logo is more than an image; it’s the face of your nonprofit, conveying your mission and values instantly. Paired with a cohesive brand identity—consistent colors, fonts, and visuals—it creates a strong, recognizable presence across all platforms. Our nonprofit design expertise ensures your organization makes a lasting impression on social media and digital platforms.

Our services include:

  • Custom Logo Creation
  • Complete Brand Identity Systems
  • Visual Brand Strategy

Brand Guidelines Development

In 1997, branding was mainly about logos and slogans. Today, consistent branding across all platforms is crucial for a nonprofit’s success. Studies show that consistent branding can boost revenue by up to 23%.

We know how important clear and coherent branding is for amplifying your mission. Let us help you create detailed Brand Guidelines to ensure all your communications reflect your nonprofit’s core values and objectives.

Our services include:

  • Establishing comprehensive Brand Guidelines
  • Ensuring consistency across all channels
  • Providing ongoing training for your team
  • Regularly updating your Brand Guidelines to keep them current

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Today’s world offers many ways to share your nonprofit’s story, from social media to direct mail. As a branding agency for nonprofits, we excel in Integrated Marketing Campaigns that seamlessly blend these channels, ensuring your message is heard loud and clear everywhere.

Why is integrated marketing important? It ensures your message is consistent across all platforms, helping it resonate deeply and stick with your audience. Our approach includes:

  • Aligning your message across all channels for a unified story
  • Creating engaging content that captures attention
  • Targeting the right audience with precise advertising
  • Tracking results to keep improving our strategy

Brand Training Workshops

Brand Training Workshops equip your team to effectively manage and promote your nonprofit’s brand. These workshops use interactive content and practical exercises to help your team understand and apply branding principles.

By implementing what they learn, your team can turn initial engagements into long-lasting relationships.

Our Brand Training Workshops cover:

  • Core Branding Concepts: Teaching your team the basics of branding
  • Practical Application Exercises: Hands-on activities for practical branding skills
  • Brand Consistency Across Departments: Ensuring your brand is communicated uniformly
  • Strategic Brand Implementation: Techniques to integrate branding into everyday operations

Brand Storytelling

When people search for help related to your nonprofit’s mission and find your website, they’re more likely to engage with your content and remember your impact, leaving a positive impression of your brand. But how do you ensure they find you at the right time?

That’s where Brand Storytelling comes in. We make sure you don’t just list what you do—we help you create stories that resonate emotionally and demonstrate your impact.

We bring your mission to life by:

  • Developing engaging narratives
  • Creating impactful messages
  • Strategically distributing content
  • Focusing on storytelling that drives engagement

Rebranding Services

Today, a logo or mission statement isn’t enough to make your nonprofit stand out. Rebranding revitalizes your image and strengthens your connection with your audience. Our Rebranding Services transform your online presence and make it resonate.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Dynamic rebranding strategies
  • Customized rebranding plans tailored to your needs
  • Innovative strategies to re-engage donors
  • Campaign redesigns for greater impact
  • Continuous support to maintain a vibrant brand

Partner with us to give your nonprofit the edge it needs to thrive in the digital age, with strategic guidance and the latest branding tools to amplify your mission.


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