Perfect Pears Packaging

By James Kwon

You may have noticed, we’ve been up to something.  A little something we like to call Perfect Pears.  Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal: we’ve just been revolutionizing the wedding planning process, making life easy and beautiful for brides everywhere! #NBD

But we’re not here to brag about that right now.  No, today we want to brag about what comes after the wedding, when we send you your wedding videos.  After all, what would the perfect wedding be without perfect memories to go along with it?

Here at Perfect Pears, you may have noticed, we don’t like to cut corners.  Not ever.  From a beautiful brand to perfectly packaged pear gummies, we want every time we meet to be exquisite.

How does this all come together, you ask?  In our DVD packaging, we answer.  Recently we set to the task of making sure your wedding memories arrive in cases that are as functional as they are timeless and beautiful.  After tireless searching, we found a designer/maker who creates beautiful wood pieces, and ordered a set of ten hand-carved wood DVD cases from her.

We were all blown away by these cases.  I mean, really, look at this!


Sturdy and strong, functional and beautiful, we couldn’t imagine anything better for our brides.

There was, however, one piece missing: the logo we spent so long perfecting.  After another round of brainstorming, we decided that a stamp would be best, and ordered a custom-made 4 inch square rubber stamp to use.

In the end, we’re pretty darn happy.  Tickled pink even.  What do you think?