Salesbrief, UI/UX That Brings Sales Enablement to Life

By James Kwon

The Challenge:

Customers want to feel special. The more personal the message is, the more likely your prospective customer will listen. When a customer requests more information, you either have the option to provide a generic set you send to everyone which never converts, or a custom tailored pitch. Though the latter provides stronger conversions, you must spend hours to create this solution. The old-fashioned way to do this is through the wall of sales sheets and 

The Solution:

Figmints architected a brand new vision for a digital presentation. Provide the client with a single URL that you could drag and drop your sales material into and the client to review it anywhere. The pitch can be instantly tailored to any industry or client. Updating a single file, every client will receive that updated information quickly and effortlessly. Starting with the kickoff, Figmints interviewed industry experts and learned what the best practices would be in order to provide the best solution. Understanding the end consumers and their level of understanding with technology was a strong focus in making sure the user experience would be simple and effective.

The Result:

Sales teams found the tool transformational to their process. In one case, we were able to tell with 100% certainty whether a deal was going to close according to the stats. Not only was this tool useful for the sales use case, but we found that clients were often utilizing the tool for on-boarding as well. The product became a paradigm shift for the Banking use case as DigitalOnboarding.com