Welcome Our Newest Team Members

By James Kwon

Figmints is happy to announce the recent addition of four new rock stars to our team. In three short months, we have grown from a team of ten to a team of fourteen! Welcome Ryan, Manos, Megan, and Lynsey!

Rounding out the development team, Ryan and Manos joined us in June.

Ryan is a native of New York—not the city of New York, he’d like to emphasize, but Westchester. Experienced in development and design, Ryan is a rare breed. He spends most of his time with the development team, working on client sites. A pro at both back-end and front-end development, Ryan admits his favorite coding language is PHP (yes, the coding language WordPress’s back-end runs on.) He’s been building websites since he was a freshman in high school, when he started freelancing at the young age of fourteen. He’s excited to work on custom, one-of-a-kind sites for Figmints’ clients. Ryan loves the attention to detail at Figmints, commenting, “we stay up to date to make sure all of the sites for our clients run well and use best practices for these details—it’s great to see that we really care about each client so much.”

Manos is the second addition to our development team. Back in his home state of Rhode Island again, Manos spends his days developing apps and working on special projects. Hailing from Bennington College, a small liberal arts college in Vermont, Manos started on the accounts side of marketing before realizing his passion for development. Manos is especially excited about Figtime—the four hours a week each Figmints employee uses to research and learn about innovative developments in the web and design industries.

Figmints also added two chameleons—Megan and Lynsey—both hailing from California, to assist with everything from strategy and account administration to project management and digital production.

Megan’s official title is Admin and Office Manager, but, let’s be real, there’s nothing she doesn’t do during an average day. The most recent addition to Megan’s role is finance; she proactively took charge of organizing all things related to invoicing and payroll. Starting her career working in the non-profit sector in development for a food bank, Megan fell in love with the creative design and web development process after managing an office of more than sixty web designers. She’s looking forward to integrating more human resources-related projects to foster a work environment of unmatched quality and morale. Secretly, Megan admits, she loves watching the design team work and enjoys absorbing their endless creative energies.

Lynsey, who joined the team in early August, is the most recent addition to our team. After studying economic history and entrepreneurship, Lynsey is a competitive business strategy pro. She’s successfully founded two different startups, and we’re excited to see how her creative business know-how helps clients achieve great design and improve their bottom line. An avid writer, Lynsey will also be helping with content creation and digital marketing at Figmints. Her favorite part of the Figmints process is delivering personalized inbound marketing strategies.  She commented, “I love seeing branding and design come together in a creative story—and it’s even more satisfying when we also see our digital marketing techniques stealthily increase web traffic and conversion to show off that story.”

We’re thrilled to be growing our Figmints Family, and we look forward to all that our amplified team can achieve for you and your business.