Account-Based Marketing Services

Use laser-targeting, digital outreach, and a valuable offer to cut through the clutter and reach your ideal prospects.

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Do you have companies that you’d love to get the opportunity to talk to about your product or service? Is it difficult to get past the gatekeeper?

SalesXsell was developed to help sales reps sell more, quickly. This 5-step process sends high-impact direct mail right to the desks of your most desirable leads, sparks their interest and creates a launching pad for our inside sales team to follow up and accelerate the conversation on behalf of your individual sales reps. It generates, on average, a 65% response rate.

That’s a far cry from the 2-5% response rate businesses have been trained to accept as a good response.

But what exactly is a “high-impact mailer”? You should be thinking less of ‘sales brochure’ and more ‘chocolate cake’. High-impact mailers are designed to spark the curiosity that gives us the “in” we need to demonstrate value to prospects.

Our Process

List Measurement

Together with our clients and their sales teams, we identify top prospects that fit their ideal customer profile.

Creative Concept

We write the attention-grabbing and relatable messaging and select a gift with the goal to get your company noticed, speak directly to your targets’ pain point and start the conversation to move them through the sales pipeline.

Vendor Coordination

We have exclusive relationships with custom box designers and printers, so our clients can get a high-quality, cost-effective box that cuts through the clutter and delivers the creative campaign message in one-of-a-kind fashion.

Box Fulfillment

Our team takes care of all the fulfillment, packaging, tracking and mailing so our clients can sit back and prepare for the appointments.

Follow-Up Strategy

After confirmed delivery, our inside sales team connects with the prospects through cycles of personalized emails, calls and voicemails to assess their level of interest and schedule next steps on behalf of each of the sales reps. This way, sales teams will only get the prospects that are ready to move forward with an appointment.


Why Figmints?

Based in Providence Rhode Island, our agency offers comprehensive HD video production services to help your company reach more customers. We offer professional production services for corporate videos, customer testimonials, event video, online video, promotional conference videos, and company training videos.

Since its founding in 1999 Figmints has created compelling films for many prominent local companies. Today viewing videos online is easier than ever and has given rise to the popularity of video marketing. Video clearly communicates to a viewer the advantages of your product or service. Video can act as a 24 hour salesperson. Video also receives more engagement on social platforms like Facebook Youtube.

We love working with clients to tell stories through stunning HD films. For our entire portfolio of video productions check out the official Figmints Vimeo channel.

Ready to drive appointments for your sales team?

The beauty of the SalesXsell process is that we get up and running fast — a full campaign can be ready to launch in 60 days — helping you accelerate your sales pipeline and have more conversations with your top prospects. We also frequently use SalesXsell as a ramp-up campaign for our SalesAmp process.

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