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Account-Based Marketing


Engaging Leads Through Industry Relationships


ABB wanted to grow awareness of their industrial chargers by connecting their sole sales representative with industry leaders.


We used Account-Based Marketing to target decision-makers in the utility industry and established their sales representative as a thought leader in this space.


We built industry relationships with top targets in the utility industry and established a list of warm leads that engaged with ABB’s content.

Building Industry Relationships

Without a list of target leads, ABB was struggling to connect their sales representative with decision-makers at the top companies in the utility industry.

Enter Figmints.

What We Did

Figmints developed a library of content that promoted the benefits of ABB’s industrial chargers. We then put together a unique Account-Based Marketing campaign via LinkedIn, targeting decision-makers and leaders in the utility industry. When reaching out to these targets we were able to share our library of value-driven content. This approach allowed us to position ABB’s sales representative as a thought leader in the industry and build relationships with those who expressed an interest in ABB’s content. Our inside sales team also reached out to 144 targeted companies on behalf of the sales rep. Our team was then able to push the engaged targets through the marketing funnel and hand off any warm leads to the sales representative.

Services Included: SalesAmp, social media marketing, email marketing, account-based marketing, content development.


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