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Web Design

Northeastern University CAMD

Web Design That Brings Information to the Forefront


Students and faculty were finding it increasingly difficult to locate the information they needed on the university’s College of Arts and Media Design website.


We created new wireframes and designed new page layouts based on user experience best practice and feedback from several different focus groups.


By focusing on the user experience we improved flows between departments and program pages, and made it easier for users to navigate their way through the site.

A Disjointed Digital Experience

Students and faculty of Northeastern University’s College of Arts and Media Design were turning to Google to find the program information they needed, rather than utilize the website’s search and navigational tools. Users also expressed difficulty with their programs overview and listings pages.

Enter Figmints.

What We Did

Figmints developed a questionnaire which was sent to various focus groups including faculty, current students, and prospective students. Based on this feedback we wireframed and designed new page layouts for several areas of their website. We organized their Undergraduate and Graduate programs pages into easily navigable user flows and developed a holistic user flow between departments and programs pages. This resolved the issue of users getting stuck within program pages. We also applied ADA and user experience best practices, making it easier for users to navigate, engage and interact with information across the site.

Services Included: User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), User Group Testing, Research & Development, Web Design, Web Development

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