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Cape Cod Lumber

A Traditional Trade Embraces Modern Marketing


CCL was falling short of reaching their potential customer base by prioritizing traditional media to communicate with their customers.


We developed an integrated marketing plan that included a strategic digital approach, targeting new customer markets.


CCL could now track their leads from the first quote to the final sale and target their marketing to new demographics.

An Approach for All Audiences

Since homeowners are relying less and less on contractors to purchase their home renovation supplies for them, we needed a way to reach this emerging market.

Enter Figmints.

What We Did

We developed a marketing strategy that included digital advertising as a large part of the spend. This allowed CCL to target as many different demographics as they needed to—from their traditional base of contractors to DIY enthusiasts. By shepherding their customers into different digital funnels we could effectively target each group of buyers with the right messages for their individual needs.

Services Included: Journey Line, Website design, Social Ads, Search Ads, Content Development, Video production, Email marketing to include workflow design for lead nurturing, Campaign landing page design and development

Not Just A Lumber Yard.

This compilation of commercials highlight the wide range of capabilities CCL offers their customers.

RCG: Innovating Beyond the Gap

RCG’s outdated branding and sales process was holding them back from being viewed as leaders in their industry.

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