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Digital Marketing


McLaughlin Upholstering

A New Way To Connect With Customers


McLaughlin wanted to find a way to market their products to a wider audience.


We designed a bed configurator app for their website, which allows for customization of some elements of the product.


The app gave our client a direct-to-consumer approach that opened up a new way to talk to their customers.

An Elite Product with a Niche Audience

The majority of McLaughlin’s business comes from designers seeking to commission furniture for clients. McLaughlin wanted a way to connect with their customers directly.

Enter Figmints.

What We Did

With a goal to increase McLaughlin’s digital presence, we set to work developing an app that would allow McLaughlin’s customers to customize a handcrafted bed, without needing to engage a furniture designer. Additional to the bed configurator we undertook a user experience audit of their website to make it more functional and worked on the site’s SEO.

Services Included: App, User Experience, SEO

Quality Visualized.

The final video demonstrates the extraordinary quality and timeless beauty of their products and process.

Copacity: A Brand Ready to Take on the Future

Formerly known as Clean Economy Development, Copacity was seeking a name and brand that aligned with their real function as renewable energy consultants.

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