Native Creative: World’s Ugliest Color, A Website that is Perfection, and Much More

By James Kwon

Here at Figmints we thrive on the new, the creative, the innovative, and the eyeball-widening joys of the Internet. Every other week, we meet as a team to share the coolest and most interesting things we find online. From the latest in website design, to a piece of content that speaks to us in meaningful ways, to a product we just can’t seem to believe. Native Creative is the net that catches all of it.

Let’s see what cool things on the internet made it into our goodie bag in this week’s Native Creative.

Video: Drone Racing is the Sport of the Future

If you thought recreationally flying your drone at your local park was invigorating, I wish I could see the look on your face as you watch this video. Drone racing is here and it’s absolutely insane. Not only are these highly skilled drone pilots manuevering their battle-ready drones through sinuous turns and around treacherous obstacles, but they also happen to be doing it in first person. With the help of VR technology, these pilots can tap into an experience most can only dream about. 

Case Study: The Rebranding of Personal Group Has Us Seeing Faces

Our friends over at BRAND NEW are back at it again with another stellar case study where they parse the beautifully clever rebrand of Personal Group. This is a paragon example of how to roll out a big idea across a system of brand touchpoints. Good branding is like drinking a glass of perspirating lemonade on an oppressively hot day, and Personal Group’s roadside stand is open for business. Go take a gander. 

Article:: The World’s Ugliest Color

This article incited a full-blown debate about the subjectivity of color. Some agreed that it is indeed a grotesque hue while others said they’d paint it onto walls in their homes. The color in question is Pantone 448 C, also called “opaque couché,” which was selected by the Australian government to dissuade people from smoking. What do you think?

Website: This Was Louises Phone

Let’s get serious for a minute. We all know about the devestating effects bullying inflicts, especially on the impressionable minds of children. And cyberbullying seems to make it that much easier because it doesn’t require a face to face interaction between the bully and the victim. This Was Louises Phone is a website created by the father of a cyberbullying victim that brilliantly captures the harrowing abuse so many endure on a daily basis. Visit the site and support the abolition of cyberbullying. 

Website/Tool: Palettable

This is a fantastic tool to help you devise color palettes that will delight your sense of sight. Simply like or dislike the colors that are presented to you and you’ll have your new palette before you can say “taste the rainbow” five times fast. I’ve included one I made in less than ten seconds!

Game: Ruiner

Calling all gamers, do you read me? This entry is for you. This game is called Ruiner and it looks stunningly entertaining. Scroll down from the clouds into the sewers of a distopian world where it looks like you’ll be fighting for your survival. And even if games don’t tickle your fancy, it’s an entertaining story and masterfully developed website. Definitely worth a look. 

Website: Death To Stock

This website really spoke to the tortured writer deep inside of my core. If you’re an ever-aspiring writer like me, than you probably struggle with crippling writer’s resistance from time to time. If so, this site will help… immensly. Sign up to receive writing promps that will stir your imagination and help you spill ink onto the page.

404 Error Page: Pebble Code

Who doesn’t love a crafty 404 error page? That’s right, nobody. This entry is extremely self-explainatory, it’s an error page that allows you to move its elements around, explore, and ultimately lands you back on Pebble Code’s website safely and unperturbed. 

Article: 7 Tech Predictions That Totally Missed the Mark

There’s something so sweet about extremely intelligent and successful people being impossibly wrong, and that’s precisely what we have here. This article lists some of the most egregious missed tech predictions of the last two decades. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

Website: Waaark

We included this entry because it’s an absolutely gorgeous website and those are rare unicorns on the world-wide web. Between the page transitions and the lines that dance and wobble when your cursor scrolls over them, navigating through this elegantly designed website is a sheer delight. Enjoy! 

That’s all we’ve got for you this week, tune in next Native for more cool things we find on the internet!