Rebranding A 30-Year-Old Company: The Story of Swimex

By Harris Roberts

When you visited the old SwimEx website, it was not immediately clear that it was a world-class business working with some the country’s elite athletic organizations.

All-star teams such as the New York Yankees, New England Patriots, LA Lakers, and Chicago Cubs; as well as top collegiate programs including Kansas and UCONN, all use SwimEx products. SwimEx has been producing the industry’s best conditioning and hydrotherapy pools and plunge tanks for over 30 years.

The company also crafts their products in the United States, offers great product support, and has stellar relationships with their customers. While the company is an industry expert, their antiquated branding and website didn’t quite convey that message.

When SwimEx got in contact with Figmints, we were beyond excited to tackle a rebrand for the company. The project included a new logo, website, and digital marketing campaigns. Our main challenge was figuring out how to rebrand a company that has been in business for 30 years.

We needed to revitailze the SwimEx brand and website from the old look that did not capture the powerful and exciting aspects of the brand:

Simply put, the previous SwimEx brand felt “old.”

It wasn’t powerful. It didn’t feel like the exciting performance-driven company using advanced technology that is SwimEx. Let’s take a look at what happened next.


While the name stayed the same, the project began with a new logo. We kept the blue color that indicates the significance and power of water, but darker. We also focused on a combination logo that included an image next to the company name. With the logo, we wanted to incorporate the concept of motion, a high-end athletic feel, and the theme of swimming. The visual depiction of an “X” portrayed aquatic exercise on a blue background. The symbol also illustrates a person swimming sideways in the water.

This was topped off with a slick new typeface and gold and green accent colors to add to the website, modernizing the brand even more. The team then designed a logo animation to be used in the company’s future marketing and videos. What made SwimEx such a fun client to work with was that they were comfortable with being innovative.


Next, we revisited the SwimEx tagline. The old tagline “Go with the Flow” didn’t quite get across the lifestyle, community, and impact around SwimEx products. By shifting to “SwimEx: Life in Motion,” the brand feels more authentic to customers. It’s a refreshing tagline, and showcases how SwimEx extends to different industries within the professional and residential markets.

The website project drew inspiration from car companies that, like SwimEx, seek to make it easy to display and compare different models and options to help the customer find exactly what they are looking for.

We made the new site much easier to navigate and highlighted the team behind the SwimEx brand. The team page showcases a photo and brief bio of each dedicated employee, which puts a face behind the brand. This page illustrates the company’s mission and values as well.

By breathing new life into site content such as the  “SwimEx vs. the Competition” page, we were able to project the unsurpassed support the SwimEx team provides to its customers.

Swimex Homepage Redesign

swim ex website page

With the launch of the new site, we were better able to work with SwimEx to tell the company story and convey the exciting success customers have with the products, and the impact the company makes in the lives of its customers.

“It has been a pleasure working with Figmints. They have been extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking.” -Deb Cox, SwimEx


This was an amazing rebranding and web design project that our team is incredibly proud of. We enjoyed working with such a great company to breathe new life into the SwimEx brand, and look forward to watching SwimEx grow and make an even bigger splash with their new website!

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