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It’s a necessity if you want your business to successfully rise above the rest.

Branding persuades customers to pay a premium for your product or service, helps them navigate the marketplace towards a made selection, and spreads the good news of your booming business to your audience far and wide.

As Alina Wheeler, author of Designing Brand Identity, memorably said, “good brands build companies. Ineffective brands undermine success.”

We couldn’t agree with Alina more. Brands are the vehicles of communication for your company’s value. Bad branding means the view of your unique value to the consumer is being obscured.

That’s why bland branding is such a turnoff for the modern day consumer; it shows a lack of care about communicating.

Unsure of how or where to start? Not to fear. As a branding agency that has crafted hundreds of brands from scratch, we have mastered our holistic approach to building a brand around your BIG and bold Why.



Just like your one-of-a-kind personality, your business has an identity all its own. Throughout Rhode Island and southern New England, Figmints is has helped discover, craft, and activate more digital stories than a troop leader huddled up around a campfire.

With simple creative consultations and our four-step process, our brand strategists and designers can tell your story like it’s never been told before.

Still not entirely convinced?

Check out some of our latest branding projects and custom logo designs for clients spanning the startup, non-profit, and technology sectors below.




First, our designers establish, or further pinpoint, your position in a crowded canopy of competitors.

  • Meet with you to for a strategy consultation where we talk about project goals and visions for the future
  • Research competitors (yes, you have them)
  • Map the inspiration for your brand on mood boards
  • Define your distinctive look and feel by finding your brand’s core themes and positioning approach



You’re included in every step of the process as our designers go to town ideating and sketching different prospective directions for your custom logo.

  • Sketch and bounce ideas off one another to leverage an entire studio’s worth of creative energy
  • Brainstorm taglines to communicate your message
  • Create a system of typefaces to spell out your story
  • Design discernable color palettes



Prepare to be amazed. With the help of a little technology, your budding brand enters the digital marketing age.

  • Create pixel-perfect logos
  • Narrow previous explorations of type and color
  • Build out final logo options ripe for their big debut
  • Format design collateral and a proof of concept (be sure to request this option to continue to expand your new identity)



Christmas morning arrives. And it’s even better than you remembered. We’ll give you a complete branding kit with all your assets.

  • Logo
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Brand Standards Guide


Whether you work for a nonprofit, a manufacturing company, or anything in between, you will want to find out what you need to do to get the best brand possible. Download our rebrand checklist and take the first step in setting yourself apart from your competition.


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