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Imagine the weight lifted when you have a partner that takes care of your brand, web, and marketing seriously alongside you.

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Over 10 Years in the Business Creating Winning Strategies

Navigating the challenges of finding affordable, knowledgeable resources to jump in and deliver measurable results can be daunting. At Figmints, we’ve honed a proven process that focuses on crafting the right story, creating the world, and driving exceptional results for your brand. What can a capable partner with strategic ability do for your team? Learn more about our workshops and sign up for a complimentary brainstorming session. Together, we’ll unlock your brand’s full potential and help you thrive.

What Should You Ask When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency?

Take the proper steps to ensure you’re hiring a marketing agency intent on taking your business to the next level. This exhaustive list of 51 questions will weed out the studs from the duds once you’re ready to screen prospective agencies vying for your business.

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Our Approach

Craft Your Story

Uncover the “why” and establish the right story to the right audience.
Here’s how:
Brand Audit, Competitive Analysis, Branding Strategy, Positioning Statement and Tagline

Create Your World

Utilize the right tools to tell your story in the places that matter.
Here’s how:
Logos & Visual Brand Creation, App Development, Video Production, Website Design and Development

Get Results

Close the gap between sales & marketing to drive targeted results.
Here’s how:
Database Management, Content Marketing, Inbound and Outbound Marketing, Metrics, BDR

51 Questions with James Kwon

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